Raksha bandhan quotes for sister in English

Happy Raksha Bandha Quotes In English For Brother And Sister With Images

First of all Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018 folks! Raksha Bandhan is festival which celebrates the love between brothers and sisters. So, here we are providing heart touching happy Raksha Bandhan quotes in English for brother and sister with images. Share them with your siblings to wish them this rakhi.

The relationship between brother and sister is very unique. Sometimes they fight with each other, sometimes they tease each other but their love for each other unmatchable. And Raksha Bandhan is the only festival which respects this bond. So, we have provided the collection of best happy Raksha Bandhan quotes in English for brother and sister to make your Raksha Bandhan special this year.

On this day sister tie rakhi on the wrist of their brothers. In return, brothers give them money as a gift and also promises their sister to provide them safety. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the last day of Hindu Lunar calendar month of Shravan, which usually falls in August.  Date of rakhi this year is 26 August 2018. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated all over northern India. It is also celebrated in part of central and western India and Nepal. It is also celebrated in other parts of the world where Hindu Indian diaspora lives.

There are many mythologies and legends associated with Raksha Bandhan. First one is linked with a battle between Indra dev- deity of the sky, rain, and thunder and demon king Bali. Indra’s wife got worried about her husband’s well-being during battle consulted Vishu, he gave her a holy thread which she tied on Indra’s wrist. So, due to this holy thread Indra win the battle and recovered Amravati. Other legend goes like this after Vishnu won three worlds from the demon king Bali, Bali requested him to stay with him in his palace, to which Vishu agreed. But Lakshmi did not like her husband to live with Bali. So, she cunningly tied rakhi to Bali to become his sister and in return asked for freedom of his husband.

Another legend includes Lord Ganesha and his two sons Subh and Labh. Once they got said on Raksha Bandhan because they had no sister to tie rakhi on their writs. So, they request Ganesha for the same, then Lord Ganesha created sister named Maa Santoshi- goddess of satisfaction for the same. Also, in the epic Mahabharata Draupadi tied rakhi to Krishna and Kunti to her grandson Abhimanyu.

The last one includes Yama- god of death and sister Yamuna. Once Yama did not visit her sister for the 12 years so, the Yamuna became upset and consulted Ganga. Ganga reminded Yama of his sister. So, he visited her. The Yamuna became very delighted with her brother’s visit and prepared bounty of food. Lord Yama became happy with her sister and asked her to ask for a gift. In return, she asked him to visit her every year. So, there are many beautiful legends behind the Rakhi festival. And these legends make this festival even more interested.

Happy Raksha Bandhan Quotes In English For Brother

We share a unique bond with our brothers. Sometimes we tease each other, sometimes we fight but they are always our saviour. No matter they are younger or elder, they are always possessive of their sisters. They are our first best friends, our superhero, bit annoying but our own personal photographer. And so, no matter how they act as they don’t care, they actually care. So, make this rakhi special for your brother with these lovely Raksha Bandhan quotes for brother in English with images.

Raksha Bandhan is just an excuse
for me to express myself
you mean the world to me my bro

You are the most precious gift sent by god to me,
You always defended me when I was in problem,
You are a true hero my brother.
Happy Rakhi

No matter how far or near, old or young.
Remember the wonderful times
We spent together during childhood and
Celebrate the precious bond of love
Wish you Happy Raksha Bandhan
With all my heart.

Raksha Bandhan Quotes In English For Brother

Dear Brother,
On this Rakhi I want to let you know
You mean the world to me
You were always there for me
This show much care you have
Thanks for all your support

A small piece of thread has more power
than anything in this world.
This known as Rakhi
Wish you a very happy rakhi

Brother you taught me to dream and fly
You showed me how to
sail smooth  when tides are high.
A word from you makes all the difference
Brother, you are very close to my heart.

On this auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan,
I am praying for your good health and
Wishing you wealth and prosperity.
Wish you very happy Raksha Bandhan 2018

The full moon of Rakhi, fills our heart with faith,
our mind with serenity,And our soul with
Radiance of happiness and peace.
Brother may all these be your today and always.

Raksha Bandhan Quotes In English For Brother

Brothers are like streetlights alongs the road,
They don’t make distance ant shorter but they light up the
path and make the walk worthwhile.
Happy Rakhi Brother

Happy Raksha Bandhan Quotes In English For Sister

Sisters are like a cute little bundle of joy. They can brighten up your day with their laughter. Sisters are sometimes annoying but they are your best secret keeper. They know very well how to save you from dad’s scolding and they also do many times. Share these happy Raksha Bandhan quotes in English for sister with your lovely sister and show her how much you care for her. You know she will comfort you in your difficult times. So, show your love and affection this rakhi with these Raksha Bandhan quotes for sister in English with images.

Sister you may not always be at my side,
But she is always connect to me by heart.
Happy Rakhi

raksha bandhan quotes for sister in english with images

There is no better friend than you sister,
and there is no better sister than you.
Happy Raksha Bandhan

I may have teased you many times before.
I made you cry, I made you hate me.
But nothing will change. I will always love you.
I will cherish the memories we shared together.

Raksha Bandhan Quotes In English For Sister

Dear Sister
May your all wishes come true
May each of your days be filled with
joy and smiles.

A sister like you is
someone who will understand
In every situation her concern is real
Someone who knows my needs
Who knows the way I feel
I am very much blessed to have
Sister like you.

Raksha bandhan quotes for sister in English

I pray to God almighty on this Raksha Bandhan to
Bless you with a beautiful life. I pray for your happiness,
health wealth and prosperity. Sending warm heartfelt wishes
to you on Rakhi my dear sister.

We gain and loose things every day,
but trust me on one thing.
you will never loose me, I will always be here.

To the most wonderful sister in the world:
Thank you – for always being there on my side
and for helping me innumerable number of times
and in a infinte ways!

We hoped you liked our post on happy Raksha Bandhan quotes in English. May this rakhi brings lots of happy moments for you and your siblings. We wish this rakhi makes your love even stronger with your siblings.

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