good night messages for lovers

50+ Sweet Good Night Messages For Lovers

“Love grows by giving. The love we give away is the only love we keep. The only way to retain love is to give it away.” Truly love is all about giving and sharing. Love is about sharing your feelings and emotions. So, here we are presenting list of sweet good night messages to make your man or lady feel special. There is a saying that the first and the last person on our mind at the start and at the end of the day is the person whom we love most. And what is the best way to tell your girl or a guy that he/she is the one other than sending sweet good night wishes for her.

Every one insists on starting a day in positive and motivated manner but end is also equally important. Here you can also send your girlfriend inspirational good morning quotes to give her day a good start. Sometimes we become so busy in our lives that we forget the importance of  little deeds in our life. Even we forget to appreciate each other and then we start feeling that our love is fading away. But actually we are not giving efforts that much we used to put in the start of our relationship.

So, do not miss these daily opportunities. Remind her how much she means to you by sending sweet good night wishes for her as token of appreciation for her. You will see when next time she will meet you, you will be showered with extra hugs and kisses. So, sending Sweet good night messages is the best way to show your affection towards our partner .

Many a times even when we do not date anyone we that special girl in our lives who make it more cheerful, whose presence matters most. But because of hesitation we are not able that special someone. If Romeo would had hesitated then we would not had Romeo-Juliet. Send her beautiful and romantic messages, the sweetest way to say good night. Before someone stole her from you. Before it gets late, tell her how precious she is for you.

Here is the list of Sweet good night messages for her to say I love you without saying it.

Sweet Good Night Messages For Her

  1. Forget all the worries,Set your mind free,Of all the daily stress,
    And what ever going to be tomorrow.Have a tight sleep and take a new start.
  2. A million stars on the sky,Is your light that shines, that is bright,
    A million kisses I send to you,I wish to you good night!
  3. No matter how much distance between us, always know you are always in my mind and you remain ever in my thoughts.
  4. You are the light in my darkness, and your light shines day and night. I love you forever.
    good night messages for lovers
  5. Remember this night as you go to bed, that you are an amazing person. I really love you and adore you. Have a sweet sleep
  6. Everyday makes me fall in love with you more than yesterday, and I cant wait to show you how I feel in the morning.
  7. I just wish we are together everyday and night, then you will see the love I have for you from the depths of my heart . Sleep tight.
  8. Thinking about you is the tipping point where my nightmares end and sweet dream begins .
  9. You’ll be the last thing , i think of before.. i fall asleep and the first thing i think of when i wake up .

Romantic Good Night Wishes For Her

  1. Time to sleep , time to rest , switch off the light ,lock your eyes.. sleep well .
  2. I have been finding it difficult to sleep because I have not told you good night. This is my good night love SMS to you. You are the best thing to ever happen to me.
  3. The thoughts of how much i love you are keeping me awake longer and longer each night .
  4. Sweet dream my queen , my love , my soul and my every thing . Sleep well and dream of me baby .
  5. Yesterday , tonight , tomorrow and forever you are in my heart . Have a tight sleep beautiful .
  6. Whenever i think about you , i dream big plans for the future . With you at my side, i see all of my dreams coming true

Sweet Good Night Messages For Him

Here are some romantic and sweet good night wishes for him to make your boyfriend feel special .

  1. Sitting here and thinking of you, wishing If i could get a sweet hug or hear the sweet voice of you.
  2. The biggest advantage of being your girlfriend is the fact that I get to blow good night kisses to the hottest guy ever – YOU.
  3. The most handsome guy in town deserves a good night kiss from the most beautiful girl in town. So here is a good night kisses for you love. Muuaaah .
  4. The silence of this night is broken by the beautiful thumping reverie of my heart beating for you and only you.
    sweet good night messages
  5. Goodnight to the man who brightens my day. Sweet dreams to the man whose love has me bursting at the seams. Sending hugs and kisses to the man who makes my life feel like a bed of roses . Have a great night
  6. I’m trying to fall asleep, counting every star. But all of them seem dull because you are the brightest one in my life.
  7. I want to wish you a good night, but I know that it’s really pointless to say. Neither of us will be happy being so far apart.
  8. I wish i was kissing you, instead of missing you .
  9. Love is a dream that comes alive when we meet. I Love you honey

Romantic Good Night Wishes for Him

  1. I will walk with you every step of the way…. and each step will make us strong than yesterday .
  2. As i lay on my bed , i miss you even more , you know my love , that i love you to the core , i love you even more . Good night my love .
  3. I know you are the one , because when we are apart i feel incomplete , I never want to be without you . Gn
  4. I started counting one star in the sky for each reason i love you… Then i ran out of stars and i realised the reason are infinite .
  5. I’m in my bed ,you’re in your bed . One of us is in wrong place .
  6. I just want to lay on your chest and listen to your heartbeat .

We hoped your girlfriend or boy friend liked these sweet good night messages . We are sure these messages have conveyed your feelings for her. These messages have made her feel loved and special. We are sure these messages have made her day to end on peaceful note. She must have slept peacefully with dreams of you and your love. You can also send her short mother daughter quotes to tell her that her mother is equally important for you as your mother. You can read more inspirational and motivational quotes on home.

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